RealTracking inspections
We will become your eyes at the factories in China, more than 100 inspectors throughout the country. Look at the business with China wider.
Real Tracking Inspections
We carry out for our clients the inspection of factories and plants in China. Our inspector will be your eyes and hands in production. Always be aware of the quality of your cargo.

More than 100 inspectors all over China

Huge experience of carrying out inspections in the most diverse factories and factories

The most qualified inspectors

Examples of our inspections - №1 , №2 , №3

What you get
Even the trusted vendors have a marriage in the workplace, it is better to know about it before shipment
Full report
After the audit, our inspector provides a detailed report.
Individual solutions
The tasks of conducting an inspection are set by you! We will check everything you would like to know about your order
Inspection can be appointed as soon as possible, from 2 days
How the service works
You fill out the application form on our website, then we will do everything for you
Inspection of production lines
The inspector checks the process, the quality of materials and the manufacturing process
Storage conditions
The conditions in which products are stored after manufacture are very important if you want to receive high quality products. The inspector will consider whether the quantity of goods ready for shipment corresponds to your order, because you do not need shortages
Product testing
The inspector checks whether the products meet the requirements of the claimed manufacturer. Appearance, build quality, performance and other parameters that you expect to receive from your order
What you will get from inspection
Confidence in your supplier, in each batch
Quality is the most important criterion for any product. Low-quality goods received from the supplier is a minus in your reputation and the cost of exchanging an order. The inspection will help you solve the disputed questions about ordering at the factory, this saves your time and money
Learn more about production
Inspection will allow you to better know your manufacturer.
See the factory, production and employees without visiting China
Risks in working with China
Carrying out an inspection will protect you from unscrupulous suppliers. It is very important to build a business relationship with a reliable manufacturer, the inspector will check whether the supplier is realistic, whether the production meets its promises. Often the cost of an inspection is only 1% of the order value.
Choose your inspection
Carrying out of inspection from 2 days
Standart inspection
Preparation time 4 days
  • Inspection report
  • 1 inspector
  • 6 hours for inspection
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Special inspection
Preparation time from 2-days
from $200
  • Detailed inspection report
  • 2 inspectors
  • Additional options
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To order the inspection and operation of the system
monitoring, please contact our support team.
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